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Oyster, bulk dried mushroom

Oyster, bulk dried mushroom

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Pleurotus ostreatus

Dried mushroom, organically grown

per half oz

Oyster mushroom contains beta-glucans (fiber from the cell walls) like other mushrooms, which have glucose modulating effects, so it balances blood sugar levels, which is imperative for managing & preventing very common Western killers, diabetes & heart disease. The anti-hyperglycemic action mushrooms have include inhibiting glucose absorption, protecting beta-cell (insulin-producing cells) damage, increasing insulin release, & boosting antioxidant defense.

Oyster mushrooms contain these beta-glucans, and they have additional medicinal use as well, including a toning action on the veins and a relaxing effect on the tendons. They’re excellent nutritional sources for some B vitamins, protein, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, copper, & fiber.

Note: has several other functions that will be added to this materia medica so stay tuned!

Actions: glucose balancing

Energetics: moistening, neutral

Constitution: all

Flavor: umami

Organ & Tissue Affinity: tendons, blood vessels

GWG Favorite Preparations: culinary, double-extract tincture

Contraindications: none known

Herb-Drug Interactions: none known

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