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Mullein leaf, bulk dried herb

Mullein leaf, bulk dried herb

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Verbascum thapsus
Parts used: leaf 
Leaf: per half oz


Mullein has many actions upon the body, starting with its respiratory benefits. It’s demulcent (moistening) properties are soothing to irritated mucous membranes. Mixed with it’s expectorant action, mullein can help alleviate dry cough, asthma and bronchial infections. It can also be smoked or drank as an infusion to help break up stuck stagnant mucous in the chest.

The musculature also benefits from mullein as it contains a mucilage that softens muscle so dislocated joints or bone can move back into place more easily. It’s also been used to straighten the spine. Additionally, mullein is used to regulate the nerves in the bladder, making it a remedy for incontinence or bed-wetting. Mullein also induces a mild, relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Mullein flowers infused in oil are a long-standing folk remedy for ear infections that is particularly gentle and safe for infants and children.

Note: Mullein has several other functions that will be added to this materia medica so stay tuned!

Actions: expectorant, nervine, demulcent, anti-spasmodic

Energetics: cooling, moistening

Constitution: all, especially Dry

Flavor: salty

Organ & Tissue Affinity: ears (flower), lung, musculoskeletal system, skin, nervous system, lymphatic system

GWG Fave Preparations: the flower infused with oil; infusion or tincture of leaf; the leaf can also be smoked and applied topically as a poultice

Contraindications: none known

Herb-Drug Interactions: none known

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