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E-Book: Be Your Own Astrologer

E-Book: Be Your Own Astrologer

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Astrology is one of the greatest tools for achieving the self awareness that leads to self mastery, and it starts with learning to read your birth chart. Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment you were born, and it's your guide to understanding all aspects of yourself, your life, and more. While you can have an astrologer interpret your chart, knowing how to decipher your own birth chart is much more meaningful, allowing you to account for all of the nuances that make you the unique individual you are and that no one person could ever completely know or understand.

Be Your Own Astrologer teaches you how to do this by breaking down each component of the birth chart and explaining in simple terms what these components represent, alongside practical charts that you'll find indispensable during the learning process. You'll learn the archetypes of these components and how they relate to your human journey and soul evolution, and how the movements of the planets and luminaries interact with your birth chart throughout your life.  Lastly, you'll learn to weave together the meanings of each astrological component into your own unique cosmic story that will help you identify core parts of yourself, including patterns and characteristics that you're meant to harness, transcend, and transform - leading you to your highest Self.

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