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Raspberry leaf, bulk dried herb

Raspberry leaf, bulk dried herb

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Rubus idaeus

parts used: leaf

per half ounce


An herb that’s truly an ally of those with a uterus, raspberry leaf has a long history of being used before, during, and after pregnancy. It strengthens the uterine muscles and has an astringent (tightening) action, so it helps reduce miscarriage and prevent hemorrhage while facilitating the child-birthing process. It’s high iron content restores what gets lost in monthly menses as well in childbirth.  Used post childbirth, raspberry leaf helps the uterus regain tone, speeding up recovery. As a nutrient-dense herb (it contains calcium, iron, manganese, selenium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, & E, phosphorus, potassium, protein, riboflavin, silicon, sodium, thiamine and zinc) it reduces potential for post-partum depression and eases PMS symptoms. Raspberry leaf also helps painful or excessive bleeding during periods, reduces blood clotting, and balances hormones. It has an astringent action that makes it useful for diarrhea as well oral conditions such as mouth ulcers & bleeding gums. Prostate health also benefits from raspberry leaf. 

Note: Raspberry leaf has several other functions that will be added to this materia medica so stay tuned!

Actions: astringent, nutritive, tonic, galactagogue

Energetics: neutral-cooling, drying

Constitution: notably Hot-Damp constitutions, but ALL constitutions can benefit from raspberry leaf. However, those with dry constitutions should use in moderation due to it’s diuretic (drying) action. 

Flavor: slightly bitter 

Organ & Tissue Affinity: uterus, female and male reproductive system

GWG Favorite Preparations: tincture, infusion, vinegar 

Contraindications: dry constitutions should balance the herb with other moistening herbs such as mallow

Herb-Drug Interactions:  may interact with insulin

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