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Horsetail, bulk dried herb

Horsetail, bulk dried herb

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Equisetum arvense 

Parts used: young  stems 

per half ounce


Horsetail has a high silica content, making it excellent for strengthening skin, hair, teeth, & bones, and for healing wounds. It’s an excellent remedy for atrophied connective tissues. Horsetail is also useful for toning and tightening the urinary system, helping incontinence and bed-wetting. It also acts on the prostate to reduce inflammation and enlargement of the gland. 

Note:  Horsetail has several other functions that will be added to this materia medica so stay tuned!

Actions: astringent, vulnerary, diuretic

Energetics: drying, cooling

Constitution: Hot, Damp

Flavor: neutral to salty & sweet

Organ & Tissue Affinity: skin, genitourinary system, prostate 

GWG Favorite Preparations: vinegar extract, tisane, topical applications

Contraindications: Short term use only. Check with your healthcare practitioner if you have diabetes, low blood potassium or thiamine deficiency

Herb-Drug Interactions:  check with your healthcare practitioner if you’re taking Lithium

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