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GWG Signature Astrology Reading

GWG Signature Astrology Reading

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The Signature GreenWitch Gardens Astrological Reading is a comprehensive birth chart reading focused on your physical, mental, & emotional wellbeing using evolutionary astrology & medical astrology techniques. You can consider this reading a blueprint for guiding you along your unique hero's journey, aiding you in self-awareness so that you make conscious choices toward self-mastery. This reading is something you'll return to again and again as you integrate astrology and holistic health practices into your lifestyle. 

It is broken into 3 parts and each part contains suggestions for how to use your natal placements most effectively to navigate life with purpose & efficiency: 

1. Body - an analysis of your physical health that includes your innate physical constitution as shown in your chart. Additionally, I analyze your chart for best physical health practices from a diet and lifestyle standpoint, and I also look at zodiac & planetary placements to determine potential health challenges. 

2. Mental/Emotional - an analysis of your innate mindset and how your mind processes as well as how you experience and mentally process through emotion. This part also includes information about your mental/emotional health and challenges that can arise. Best practices for achieving a healthy emotional & mental state of calm are also included here. 

3. Spiritual - this part dives into the subconscious aspects related to your spiritual self. How you connect with spirit, what your soul has already experienced in other lifetimes and how your soul is here to evolve is included here. This part also includes best meditative practices & how you might receive messages from Spirit according to your birth chart.


* An accurate birth date, place, and time are required to pull an accurate birth chart. 

** Please understand that the birth chart is a reflection of your life, and it does not dictate your life. Because we are beings of free will, I do not attempt to predict how your life has or will unfold. Astrology readings are used as a tool to help you navigate life in the most effective and purposeful way so you can live with more joy and contentment.

*** This reading is delivered by pdf document and will be emailed within 2-3 weeks after receiving birth info. 
Astrological Reading Disclaimer:

Your birth chart is a sacred document that holds intimate details about your life and soul's journey. It's with this in mind that your birth chart and astrological readings remain confidential.
Your birth place and exact birth time are necessary for accuracy, and refunds will not be granted for clients who provide inaccurate birth times.
All readings are provided with an understanding that all humans have free will and are responsible for their own actions.

**If you're new or have limited knowledge of astrology, I highly recommend getting a copy of my book "Be Your Own Astrologer." It comes with reference charts, an easy breakdown of the birth chart components, and simple explanations of the all the astrological archetypes. You will get much more out of your reading if you understand these basics. Pop culture emphasizes sun sign astrology to the point that most people think it defines astrology. This is a huge misconception. While the sun plays a big role, it's but one part of a very complex design integrating all of the cosmos. You are your own mini-universe; a microcosm within the macrocosm.

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