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GreenWitch Gardens Apothecary

GWG Signature Astrology Reading

GWG Signature Astrology Reading

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The Signature GreenWitch Gardens Astrological Reading is designed to provide valuable insights and guidance into your health, wealth, relationships, career, and soul evolution. I go deep into the multifaceted layers of your unique birth chart to identify the archetypal influences & patterns that can help you make conscious choices and live a more fulfilling life. Each section of this reading will focus on a specific aspect of your journey, offering guidance tailored to your unique astrological blueprint.

  • Holistic Health and Well-being: this section identifies constitutional indicators of your physical health & how to best support it through diet, exercise & daily routines. Potential health vulnerabilities will also be discussed as well as remedial recommendations. Additionally, your mental & emotional landscapes are outlined so that you can navigate your patterns, triggers, & areas of growth. I also include suggestions for effective coping strategies, stress management techniques, & self-care practices that are tailored to your unique astrological makeup, & promote your emotional balance & mental well-being.
  • Wealth and Abundance: Discover the astrological factors that shape your financial prosperity and material abundance. I analyze the positioning of wealth-related planets and indicators in your birth chart, revealing insights into your unique opportunities, challenges, and strategies for enhancing your financial growth. This section helps you align your actions and mindset with abundance, empowering you to manifest greater wealth in your life.
  • Relationships and Connections: Uncover the dynamics and potentials in your interpersonal relationships. Through an examination of key planets, houses, and aspects in your chart, I reveal insights into your relationship patterns, compatibility, & areas of growth. This section will help you cultivate healthier connections, understand your communication style, & navigate the complexities of your interactions with others.
  • Career and Life Path: Explore your vocational calling and life purpose. By analyzing the positioning of career-related planets, houses, and aspects, this reading unveils insights into your natural talents, passions, & potential career paths. This segment will guide you in aligning your professional pursuits with your higher purpose, enabling you to find greater fulfillment & success in your chosen endeavors.
  • Soul Evolution and Spiritual Growth: Delve into the deeper layers of your soul's evolution & spiritual journey. Through an examination of karmic indicators, spiritual houses, & transformative aspects in your chart, we'll uncover insights into your soul's purpose, lessons, & evolutionary path. This section will provide guidance on how to align with your higher self, embrace growth opportunities, & navigate the transformative cycles of your life.

Remember, this reading is just the beginning—ultimately, it is your actions and intentions that shape your destiny. May this knowledge empower you on your path to a life of abundance, love, purpose, and spiritual awakening.


* An accurate birth date, place, and time are required to pull an accurate birth chart. 

** Please understand that the birth chart is a reflection of your life, and it does not dictate your life. Because we are beings of free will, I do not attempt to predict how your life has or will unfold. Astrology readings are used as a tool to help you navigate life in the most effective and purposeful way so you can live with more joy and contentment.

*** This reading is delivered by pdf document and will be emailed within 4-6 weeks after receiving birth info. It’s an extremely in-depth reading that requires ample time and I appreciate your patience and understanding, which allows me to give you a thorough reading. 
Astrological Reading Disclaimer:

Your birth chart is a sacred document that holds intimate details about your life and soul's journey. It's with this in mind that your birth chart and astrological readings remain confidential.
Your birth place and exact birth time are necessary for accuracy, and refunds will not be granted for clients who provide inaccurate birth times.
All readings are provided with an understanding that all humans have free will and are responsible for their own actions.

**If you're new or have limited knowledge of astrology, I highly recommend getting a copy of my book "Be Your Own Astrologer." It comes with reference charts, an easy breakdown of the birth chart components, and simple explanations of the all the astrological archetypes. You will get much more out of your reading if you understand these basics. Pop culture emphasizes sun sign astrology to the point that most people think it defines astrology. This is a huge misconception. While the sun plays a big role, it's but one part of a very complex design integrating all of the cosmos. You are your own mini-universe; a microcosm within the macrocosm.

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